We’ve connected all the available data into a 360° view of the customer, put it in the hands of sales reps in a few clicks, and streamlined marketing lead acquisition and follow-up. And that’s not all AutomotiveCRM can do.

MD-Bavaria is an authorized dealer and service center for BMW and BMW Mottorad. The company management was looking for a solution to replace and unify the in-house customer relationship management tools. The existing information systems were not synchronized with each other, creating problems with data quality, and sharing of the information across the company. Data, ideally integrated and easy to use, is now needed by everyone – sales, marketing, after-sales, service and, of course, management. The implementation of the new Automotive CRM solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and supports the specific sales processes of the dealership.

MD-Bavaria AutomotiveCRM training by Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech

With Automotive CRM we have brought several benefits to MD-Bavaria:

  • Connecting various sources of information in a complete 360° view of the customer and vehicle, in which sales, service and interaction history can be tracked.
  • A tailored system for managing business processes.
  • Improved data quality supported by the connection to the Slovak FINSTAT register.
  • More efficient work of marketing in planning and evaluation of sales activities and lead management.
  • System readiness for integration of another branch
  • The system is ready for further extensions

After deployment, there is an onboarding phase where we help the customer with the most effective adoption. Colleagues at MD-Bavaria will thus be able to start using all the benefits and functions of the system more quickly. And we look forward to further cooperation.

Header photo: MD-Bavaria website