Forbes Confirms: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Tops Among ERP Systems


Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. Your decision plays a crucial role in the successful development and further growth of your company. If you haven’t considered Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central yet, it definitely deserves your attention.

We already know it! But now, the specialized Forbes Advisor team has confirmed it in their comparison. Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best. Read on to find out in what aspects and why.

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The Forbes team evaluated ERP systems independently and reliably

The goal of this professional team is to provide unbiased evaluations and information from the business world with full editorial independence. They use reliable product data sources, strategic methodologies, and expert insights to support the correct managerial decisions for your company or organization.

In this case, the Forbes Advisor team analyzed the most significant players in the field of economic information systems, ERP. A shortlist of the top 16 was selected based on 25 key metrics. Factors such as pricing transparency, user-friendliness, compatibility with third-party technology integrations, service services, and customer ratings were considered.

Complete Forbes Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Review (2024)

Integration and Flexibility

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers seamless compatibility with a wide range of Microsoft products and services, including Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, and others). This enhances productivity and process efficiency across the entire organization.

Connecting data from other systems that you are currently using or have used in the past is simpler, faster, and thus less costly. In contrast, some other ERP systems, if they allow integration, may require much more time and effort.

Transparency and Support

Forbes emphasizes the importance of transparent pricing policies and the availability of customer support. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central excels in both these aspects with clear pricing models and extensive global partner support options.

With other systems, the costs of licensing and implementation can be unclear and high. Unlike some competitors, the Dynamics 365 solution offers clear licensing and price calculation for additional operational and support services. This can be a decisive advantage, especially for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with limited budgets.

User-Friendly Environment

The Dynamics 365 Business Central system is designed for easy operation with an intuitive interface similar to that of other Microsoft products, significantly easing the training of new users.

This enhances the autonomy of your employees. Scalable features minimize the need for frequent training.


If you are looking for a flexible and scalable ERP system that supports your growth without the need for frequent changes to your software equipment, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right choice. Its modular structure provides gradual expansion of functionalities and thus adaptation according to your current priorities. In addition, the system supports integration with other Microsoft applications such as Office 365, SharePoint, and Power BI, which enhances its functionality and simplifies work processes.

Comprehensive Support and Advice Anytime, Anywhere

The combination of extensive support, a wide availability of resources, and regular updates gives you confidence in a powerful, professionally managed, and continuously evolving ERP system. This is a significant competitive advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Thanks to the global reach of Microsoft, you have access to an extensive and well-organized network of partner support. Support via helpdesk, by phone, via email, or chat is available 24/7, which is a significant argument for companies operating in different time zones on an international level.

Partners, consultants, technicians, and IT specialists worldwide meet high demands and Microsoft certification exams. You thus have access to highly professional local support for service, implementation, and training services, including customization of the system to the specific needs of each company. You communicate in your language and shape the system to your own requirements.

Also worth mentioning is the strong and active online community and forums of Microsoft, where users and developers share their experiences, recommendations, and tips. The availability of training materials, instructional video tutorials, webinars, etc., helping to quickly familiarize yourself with the entire system and further deepen your knowledge, is a matter of course.

Regular Updates and Innovations

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you automatically receive regular updates with the latest features, including security. Microsoft invests significant resources in research and development, ensuring you always have access to the most modern and continuously improved technologies.

Pros and Cons of Dynamics 365 Business Central – Summary

The basic evaluation of benefits and, from our perspective, minor and solvable disadvantages was summarized by Forbes as follows:

+ Wide range of features even for large companies and businesses
+ Transparent prices
+ 30-day free trial
+ Mobile application
+ Available as a cloud service and on-premise solution
+ Perfect coverage of all accounting and financial operations, including inventory and project management
+ Advanced analytical functions and reporting

– Among the disadvantages was software integration, which is available in the form of add-on modules.
This can easily be resolved through supplementary applications we develop under the name BA4, which cover a very wide range of needs and requirements of our customers.

Browse all BA4 applications by Konica Minolta for the expansion of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

– No free version available One of the disadvantages, according to Forbes, is also the absence of a permanent free version of the system. From our experience, a monthly trial period is sufficient to test the system and its functions. Given that each company has specific processes and needs, it is important to have the possibility of customization, which a free version cannot offer.

Moreover, technical support and security are key aspects today. Here, companies should not skimp. Investing in a quality and well-protected ERP system pays off, as technical problems, crashes, data theft, or insufficient adaptability can seriously disrupt a company’s operations and have serious consequences.

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