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Fleetman simplifies fleet management for back office of a company of any size. It makes your car fleet safer and more efficient by consolidating all the fleet records, documents and actions in one easy-to-use cloud application.


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Get rid of Excel sheets

One system for all fleet records and documents, easy to find and work with. Even on mobile.

Never forget a due date

Alerts on upcoming events, service checks or expiration dates in your Teams or Inbox.

Keep in control

Perfect overview with graphic dashboards, easy reporting exports and native work within Microsoft applications.

How do we help

Fleetman brings you better control and peace of mind thanks to smarter organisation of your fleet documents and actions. Dive into the detail of its functionalities below or watch our demo videos.

Document Management

  • Store and manage all the reated data and documents in one place.
  • Search and filter vehicles by various attributes and states.
  • Autofill data in forms and documents across the whole system.
  • Link relevant documents, drivers or accessories.
    Create and manage activities directly from relevant records.
  • View the documents in Fleetman, Teams, SharePoint or Windows Explorer.


  • Service checks based on mileage or elapsed time​
  • Insurance or lease contract expiring​.
  • Receive and execute in MS Teams, Outlook
  • Manage recipient lists or channels
  • Highway toll coupons evidence and expiration notifications

Save time.
Get better organized.

Fleetman consolidates the fleet records and documents in one system (vehicles, drivers, contracts or service partners), making them easy to find and work with. Saving you time and manual effort.

Less anxiety,
more comfort.

Fleetman will notify you about critical events like service checks, expiration dates, regular maintenance etc. It lets you work directly in familiar Microsoft applications and provides full-fledged mobile app as well.

Better control,
higher efficiency.

Fleetman shows you real-time operational and financial data of your fleet in interactive dashboards, giving you perfect overview and easy reporting capability, including Excel exports or Power BI integration.

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