Key benefits of the solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent will simplify the hiring process by helping you choose the right people, enabling you to hire employees, and optimizing your HR programs.

General information

When working with Talent, you decide how to organize your company and monitor job occupancy as well as the performance of individual employees. Set HR parameters specific to your company. Share answers to frequently asked questions with everyone.

You can set up effective employee management plans, as well as manage items such as computers or phones that your company lends to its employees. You can create fixed and variable compensation plans and define their rules.

Employee loyalty and motivation

Help employees achieve their career goals. You can set goals, create ratings, track feedback, and manage performance (KPIs). In order to help employees develop necessary skills, you can also specify their tutors, define course types and their descriptions, etc.

For Employers

Hire top talent

Easy, affordable recruitment plans that give you the flexibility to hire as many consultants as you need for your projects.

Train your teams on your terms

With our flexible solutions, keep up with your team’s training and certifications without compromising on projects.


For Professionals

Expand your skills and get certified

Learn new sills and get certification-ready.

Find your next role

See how we can help you get hired in permanent, freelance, onsite or remote roles with partners across the globe who you can contact directly.

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