Key benefits of the solution

Talkey is an end-to-end tool for encrypting communication between computers and mobile devices. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the automatic exchange of keys and advanced features. Emails, data, and files are dencryptable only by the sender or recipient.

General information


TALKEY encrypts data through a plugin in your email client. Just install it and use your email as usual. Your private key, which runs in the background, will take care of the encryption.


With encryption, emails and files are readable only by senders and recipients. It would take a large number of powerful computers an entire human lifetime to crack TALKEY. 



Invite your partners to encrypted communication easily via email. As an invited user, they can communicate securely with you from around the world.

GDPR ready

TALKEY guarantees the transfer of personal data in a simple way so that the processor of personal data complies with the GDPR requirements.

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