Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Introducing Dynamics 365 Business Central, a comprehensive enterprise information system.

A reliable and intuitive ERP solution in the cloud, proven by many years of experience, in line with the latest trends and always ready for the future.


Manage your finances, sales, services, purchasing and the entire operation of your business faster and more efficiently. See how.


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Reasons for Business Central

Finance clearly and under control
Business Central processes information about the operation of the entire enterprise for comprehensive budgeting, planning, and financial management. All the data you need is tracked in real-time. In conjunction with Power BI, you can rely on advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Sales and service optimization
Sales cycle monitoring and customer prioritization tools help improve client relationships and increase sales.

Simplify and speed up processes
Clear role definitions give employees quick and easy access to information in a user-friendly interface. This boosts productivity and reduces training time.

Flexibility and availability
The cloud solution allows access from anywhere, supports remote work, and ensures the flexible operation of your business.

Everything always kept up-to-date
With automatic updates in the cloud, you always have the latest functions and enhancements available instantly, without having to wait and implement new system versions.

Customisation and extensions
With the option to combine it with other tools such as the Konica Minolta BA4 extension app, Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft 365, Business Central can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The option for individual customisation through extensions and high scalability make it ideal for organisations at any stage of development.

Tailored to suit the Czech market and legislation
We’ve combined our many years of experience and adapted Microsoft Business Central to the Czech environment with a number of add-on applications. You can add Czech invoicing, bank orders, specific reports and more to your ERP so that everything is fully compliant with the local legislative and banking requirements.

Efficiency and cost savings
Cloud subscriptions cover all maintenance, hosting and upgrade costs for your software. You don’t have to invest in your own infrastructure and only pay for licences based on the number of users. This results in significant savings on IT investments.

High level of security
Business Central as a cloud service offers a high level of data security. If you prefer to keep your data on your own server, it also allows an on-premise option. In addition, it provides different security roles and responsibilities for each employee. This protects your business and customer data in compliance with the GDPR.

Support and training
User expertise and maximizing system utilization are enhanced by training, seminars and expert advice from IT specialists from Konica Minolta as a Microsoft Certified Partner. In addition, a range of learning information and materials are provided by Microsoft training programmes and portals.

What Business Central can help you with #

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central covers a wide range of key business process areas.

Financial management – effective management of cash flow and accounting operations, clear G/L analysis and reporting, support for economic decision-making and strategic planning

Sales and sales management – comprehensive sales records through to invoicing, support for customer relationship management, automation of sales processes and related activities to strengthen your business and improve customer service

Purchasing – optimization of the management of purchasing processes, clear tracking of orders and invoicing, support for supply chain and cost management

Warehouse management – clear inventory management, easy management of warehouse operations and logistics, and more accurate planning leading to reduced storage costs

Production – support for production planning, production process monitoring, and production resource management, boosting productivity and streamlining production operations

Project management – managing projects directly in connection with related operations, tracking the progress and costs of projects, making them easier to control, and increasing the likelihood of completion

Resource planning – optimizing the use of corporate resources to improve performance and enable better capacity planning

Service management – clear tracking of service orders and documentation helps improve service quality

Human resources – clear management of the employee agenda, support for work performance and development

Extensions, or your customised system #

Business Central provides additional development and customisation options for your industry and business processes.

Choose from a range of BA4 extension applications available on Microsoft AppSource that we have developed in response to our customers’ wants and needs. Browse the current range of BA4 applications.

For data handling, process automation, and strengthening analytics and reporting, we recommend BA4 Power BI Analytics – interactive graphical dashboard sets for sales, finance, purchasing, and warehouse.

If you have a different idea or specific requirements, we’ll work together to find a solution using program modifications.

Additional development options are available with Microsoft Power Platform or advanced Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft AI tools and services.

How it is implemented #

An enterprise information system is typically implemented in several tested steps that are as effective as possible. We’ll take you through the process, from defining your specific needs to training your team and getting your new ERP fully up and running. It goes without saying that we not only provide follow-up technical support, but also ongoing consultations and program modifications for further development.

Customer references #

Whether you’re a small business with just a few users, or are seeking a comprehensive solution for a larger company, Business Central can be tailored to your area of business. We have many years of experience in deploying this information system – formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) – in organisations of various sizes in relation to simple and the most complex business processes. We implement, manage and provide all services for Business Central in many industries.

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