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How do you manage prospect customers?

Use Lead Management to collect leads from various sources – from your web, from marketing campaigns or events, from OEM.  Measure response time and receive escalations for long time pending new leads to ensure timely response. Nurture your leads to convert them to real sales opportunity.


How do you drive your sales process?

Use Opportunity Management to help your sales team with the daily business but also to control you sales pipeline on regular sales meetings. Tools of Automotive CRM help you with searching the right vehicle fulfilling customer requirements and with booking a test drive to attract customer with your products. Ppipeline of opportunities gives you clear overview of your business and helps you with sales budgeting and forecasting your revenue.


Do you know your customers?

Contact Management is the heart of Automotive CRM. Knowing your customer is the corner stone of the successful business and long running relationships. So, use the 360° view on your contacts to remind yourself their hobbies and vehicles their drive, to check recent activities and pending opportunities and to learn details of their sales and service transactions.


Do you forget to contact your customer on the right time?

Automotive CRM helps you to never forget to ask your customers about their satisfaction. Get natural reminders to follow up a lead captured some time ago when the right time for customer’s purchase decision comes. Benefit from automatically generated sales leads for replacement of current vehicle before vehicle financing expires, regardless if the vehicle has been sold at your dealership or if a customer currently drives a vehicle of different brand.


Are you visible for your customers?

Use data about your customers to organize targeted marketing campaigns. Invite customers driving certain vehicle model to launch event for the new model generation. Reactivate your customers by inviting them to your service. Approach your contacts with online campaigns end evaluate responses. Plan and execute long running campaigns with multiple steps to acquire new customers.


How can I get further support?

You can contact us via e-mail: or phone: +420 245 000 020.
If you have any questions about the services we provide simply use the contact form. We try and respond to all queries and comments within 24 hours.


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