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Fleetman brings you better control and peace of mind thanks to smarter organisation of your fleet documents and actions. Dive into the detail of its functionalities below.

Interested in full detail? See the Solution Description document here.

Vehicle 360°

All information in one place – vehicles, accessories and activities 

Search and filter all records of vehicles, accessories, tires or events like service checks or insured events

Keep the most important data clearly organized within information tiles on one page

Document Management

Store and manage all the related data and documents in one place.

Link relevant documents, drivers, or events.

View all the documents in Fleetman app.

Keep your documents properly structured with hierarchical and automated folder creation



Service checks based on mileage or elapsed time​

Lease contract expiration based on mileage or time elapsed

Tire management – replacement, service intervals, winter/summer tire indication, mileage

Receive and execute in Microsoft Teams, Outlook

Manage recipient lists or channels

Register highway toll coupons, including expiration notifications

Service and Insured Event

Graphic visualization of service or insured event process​

Automated vehicle status change ​

Various service job categories, predictive calculation of the next service check​

Link to insured events and related documents

Insurance contract data linked and auto-filled​

Vehicle, driver, and insurance contract data in one system, just a click away ​

Link to service provider and service cost evidence​

Dashboards and statistics

Visualize operational data on vehicles status, service activities, costs, insurance claims etc. 

Use intuitive filtering and save most frequently used filters

Customize your dashboards

Keep track of:

  • Fueling data
  • Automated cost/profit calculations on Vehicle Balance Sheet
  • Average consumption, Average fuel cost
  • Average cost per km, multi-currency support
  • Total cost
  • Service cost divided into categories


Advanced reporting

Exports to various formats (.xls, .csv)

Power BI reports for advanced reporting available

Service date prediction based on average mileage

Prediction of leasing termination date based on average mileage

Vehicle timeline

Vehicle model reliability

Mobile Client

Access your fleet data from anywhere with full-fledged mobile app

Responsive forms for record input

Instant visualisation of vehicles events, activities, contracts etc.

Driver Hub add-on – journey log as a mobile app for drivers

Microsoft Apps Integration

Send emails directly from respective service or insured event

Data exports to Excel

Native use of Word templates and text documents

Integration to Power BI for advanced reporting

Add-on modules

Ecofleet GPS service integration for automated tracking of mileage, driving style, localization and other advanced telemetry

Driver Hub is digital journey log in standalone mobile app for drivers that synchronizes data with Fleetman, saves time and improves control

T-cars add-on integrates to the popular Czech GPS tracking system