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Application licenses

Each user needs one and there will be likely several users in your organisation. Certain level of Microsoft 365 and Power Apps licences is also needed, which you might have had already purchased.

Fleetman users
21 € /month
Per one user

Designed for:

Fleet managers

Back office users

Microsoft license
Microsoft Power Apps per app
4,7 € /month
Mandatory, unless already purchased.
The licence is per user in 1 environment.
Microsoft license
Microsoft 365 Business Basic or higher
5,6 € /month
Mandatory, unless already purchased.
The licence is per user in 1 environment.

Additional services

Provided by our experts, they speed up the implementation and adoption of the app in your organization. Our services will make the full use of Fleetman functionalities easier for you. 

Deployment package
1 800 €
One-off service package

Customer tenant deployment

(incl. half-day workshop)

User roles & rights

Application testing

Data migration
1 263 €
End user training
690 €
One-day go-live support
840 €

The prices indicated are set for the company with up to 5 Fleetman users and/or up to 3 branches. The full price list of licenses and services can be found in the document here. Detailed description of both the solution and additional services provided can be found in the Solution Description document here.


Functional modules designed to greatly extend usability and capabilities of the Fleetman tool. They may not be for everyone, but those who have them won‘t regret.

Ecofleet integration

Integration to third-party service providing mileage, driving style, localization and other advanced telemetry for savings and better control of your vehicles and drivers.

60 € / month / tenant

Third party service fees charged separately

T-cars integration

Smooth functioning with Czech GPS tracking system, benefiting from automated mileage and other telematic data.

60 € / month / tenant
Driver Hub

Digital journey log in standalone mobile app for drivers that synchronizes data with Fleetman, saves time and improves control.

3 € / user / month

Support and maintenance

While application maintenance and updates are provided regularly, the SLA support gives you peace of mind and assurance of smooth operation, especially with customisations in place.

Fleetman SLA High priority ticket / Reaction time Price per month
Basic Best effort Within licence
Bronze 12 hours 115 €
Silver 6 hours 230 €
Gold 4 hours 465 €

Need help choosing
the right combination for you?

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... or you can get inspired in the pricing example for mid-sized company in our blog.