From the discussions with our customers, we learned that the licensing and pricing of the product could feel a bit confusing on the first glance. Do not despair though, we are happy to help! You can either contact us directly with your questions regarding licensing via our contact form. Or you can read further for a pricing example of a typical mid-sized customer.

When we designed the product, we focused on ease of use, flexibility, compatibility with existing technology at our customers’ stack and scalability of the solution. The Microsoft Power Platform technology was a natural choice. However, it comes with its own license structure, which takes into account your currently purchased licenses (savings for you!), while allowing us to license the tech we built on top of the platform.

So, let’s say you are a company with a higher tens to low hundreds of vehicles. You have several branches or locations where those vehicles are distributed and managed. From Fleetman point of view, you:

  • have one main fleet manager with four aides in company branches (assistants, back-office, technicians…)
  • use Office 365, purchased under Microsoft 365 Business Basic license (or higher)
  • do not have any Microsoft Power Apps licenses
  • decide to implement quickly and efficiently with the support of vendor implementation services

In this case, you will end up paying 128,5 euro monthly

and one-off implementation investment of 3 753 euro. See the detail in the table below:

Item monthly (EUR) quantity price (EUR)  
  Fleetman user license 21 5 105 monthly
  Technical user license 0 1 24,3 monthly
  Microsoft Power App per App 4,7 5 23,5 monthly
  Microsoft 365 Business Basic 5,6 0 0 monthly
 Additional services        
  Implementation package One-time 1 2 875  
  Data Migration One-time 1 2 300  
  End-user training One-time 1 863  
 TOTAL monthly     152,8  
 TOTAL one-time     6 038  


On top of that, add-ons can be purchased, like Ecofleet integration module. That would be worth considering if you required advanced telemetry like actual mileage to be monitored directly in the Fleetman app. This particular add-on would cost you 60 EUR monthly per one tenant (implementation). 

In case of any questions or if you need any license consultation, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.