How to quickly sell stock automobiles and prepare for new models? Automotive CRM can help. 

The production of automobiles is rapidly declining.  This is due to the sharp drop in demand for new vehicles as a result of the coronavirus.  However, what can be done about stocks of aging models and how can we prepare for the arrival of MY2021?  Automotive CRM can help! 

CRM that is ready for crisis as well as distance selling 

Those of you, that remember the crisis of 2008 to 2010, know that sales are simply different during a crisis.  All of a sudden, customers have more options to choose from.  The ability to hear customer needs and the art of acting quickly and precisely to those needs now takes center stage.  Sales has always been about the art of creating a lead from an opportunity and turning that lead into a sale.  However, this type of art, as opposed to painting a picture, is not about talent, but about technique.  Additionally, as was shown by coronavirus, sometimes it is necessary to radically change our approach and learn to apply our sales skills even to distance selling.  However, some processes and older systems are not ready for that.  

Developed by Konica Minolta, Automotive CRM is a professional comprehensive business solution for sellers of personal and commercial vehicles including motorcycles.  Konica Minolta gathered industry experience during the crisis and post crisis years, which morphed into a solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device without requiring any of your personnel capacity for system administration.  Salespeople and customers can interact with each other from their homes the same way as they would in the showroom.  Automotive CRM offers them the same information, the same tools, the same processes – all of it with 100% salesperson substitutability.   

Customer insights from every angle 

The key to success is a 360° view of every customer on two levels.  Automotive CRM can combine all customer information that your company has on file.  Even if the customer was in contact with a different branch or discussing a different brand that you sell.  Test drives, service, purchased vehicles, sent questionnaires, information requests, catalogs, etc. – you will find all of it in one place.  Questions like “what type of radio was in the car that I test drove?” will no longer catch you by surprise.  And you won’t be surprised when the customer asks the question on newly relevant channels like Facebook or Instagram, instead of contacting “their” salesperson in a traditional fashion.  

Automotive CRM gives you a 360° view of all customer communications. What they said in person, what they asked about over e-mail, social network interactions, and their satisfaction with the service department.  Everyone that comes into contact with the customer has all of that information at their fingertips with one click on a PC, mobile, tablet…pretty much anywhere.   


Those who hesitate will have a bigger problem than “just” too many vehicles on stock 

Customer knowledge and a fair approach build trust, which is rare into today’s uncertain times and can be appreciated by the customer.  Often, trust, complimented by the ability to quickly react to customer requirements, means more money in your pocket.  In fact, why would a customer risk feeling unwelcome for just a small discount of 1-3% somewhere else.  Additionally, a new car buyer will happily return for service to the same location they bought their vehicle.  Automotive CRM can be implemented in your company within one month.  Connecting to existing systems and multi-brand incorporation is naturally part of the solution.   

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