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How exactly do we help

Konica Minolta Automotive CRM is a modern cloud solution built on the latest technology. We have designed it hand in hand with car dealers themselves. It covers all the specifics of the dealership sales processes from the first contact to the after-sales customer care in order to create satisfied, loyal customers.

Pipeline and activity management

  • Collect leads from various sources like email, phone calls, website forms, digital campaigns, etc.
  • Plan and organize activities, leverage automatic follow-ups, and cover the whole customer journey from lead to aftersales care
  • Notify and create leads at the end of financing or preset vehicle lifetime
  • Assign leads to dedicated queues or salespeople, measure response time for incoming leads, and get notified on pending new leads.
  • Analyze the structure and sources of the leads funnel to finetune your marketing strategy and sales process.
  • Eliminate neglected opportunities, track activity statistics to ensure no opportunity is missed.

360° vehicle management

  • Manage individual sales, fleet, or trade-ins in multi-brand environment.
  • See all information about activities, transactions, and customers in one 360° view of a vehicle.
  • Search by model specification, availability, status, price ranges, color, accessories, etc.
  • Search across multiple brands integrated into one system within sales records.
  • Create offers, new leads or opportunities from selected vehicles.
  • Receive notifications when production status changes.
  • Manage reservation queue.

Unified 360° view of customers

  • All customer data and documentation in one place including history of interactions, planned activities, service appointments, marketing insights, complaints, and customer classification.
  • Review personal details, , hobbies, driving licenses, preferences, transactions, sales history, and more.
  • See where and how much revenue customers generate for your business.
  • Check relations to companies and other contacts, including monetary transactions associated with them.
  • See current and previous vehicles used or owned.

Scheduling and resource management

  • Reserve vehicles and time slots in the calendar to book test drives, rentals, transfers, or other vehicle activities.
  • Collect details about the driver, print the required documentation for signing, and maintain clear records of all relevant information.
  • Record the final status of a vehicle after return, including tracking mileage, GPS status, fuel consumption, and any damage, allowing for a comprehensive overview of vehicle usage.
  • Schedule various resources such as car wash, workshop, or handover rooms.
  • Leverage automatic follow-up activities and manage courtesy rentals and long-term rentals in the same system.

Sales contract management

  • Follow up on opportunities and transform them into sales contracts, managing the specific moments of contract signing and vehicle delivery.
  • Plan and organize sales process activities and manage vehicle handovers or PDIs.
  • Track the production status of vehicles, providing real-time insights into availability.
  • Record details of vehicle financing and insurance, and initiate reminders for expected replacement dates.
  • Update the vehicle database, automate lead generation, and print contracts for efficient marketing and transactions.

Trade-in handling

  • Collect information about potential vehicle trade-ins and the evaluation history over time for comprehensive insights.
  • Keep track of business discussions with the customer and stage of trade-in process.
  • Monitor margins and repair costs to maintain a clear understanding of overall trade-in expenses.
  • Print the purchase contract to complete the trade-in process.

Marketing and customer insights

  • Leverage the unified database to segment customers effectively and target them with personalized and relevant content, enhancing customer engagement.
  • Manage GDPR consents on different business levels.
  • Create tailored customer journeys.
  • Manage marketing events, including cost tracking and coordinating all related activities.
  • Maintain and organize marketing assets, making it easy to access and utilize the right tools for each campaign.
  • Implement custom triggers and automation, allowing for tailored responses and actions that align with specific customer behaviors or trends.

Handle customer complaints, questions, and requests

  • Handle claims, complaints, or questions from various channels – phone calls, emails, social media etc.
  • Access 360° view of any customer while solving a given case, ensuring all relevant details are immediately available
  • Connect individual cases with vehicles and suggested service transactions or similar cases.
  • Plan and manage service appointments.
  • Operate seamlessly within call centers using automated queues.
  • Utilize newly integrated forms specifically designed for phone calls.

Analytics, KPIs and reporting

  • Sales pipeline and sales funnel analysis.
  • Easily set up KPIs for your sales representatives, manage their performance based on data
  • Compare planned targets and actual results
  • Take advantage of customized dashboards and views, created according to user feedback
  • Make the most of our Power BI starter pack and tailor it according to your specific needs.
  • Forecasting of estimated revenue.
  • Analysis of lead structure, lead sources, and conversion rate.

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