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How exactly do we help

Konica Minolta Automotive CRM is a modern cloud solution built on the latest technology. We have designed it hand in hand with car dealers themselves. It covers all the specifics of the dealership sales processes from the first contact to the after-sales customer care in order to create satisfied, loyal customers.

Lead and opportunity management

  • Collect leads from various sources like email, phone calls, digital campaigns, social media etc.
  • Record contact details, vehicle of interest and its specifications, currently owned vehicle, personal preferences etc.
  • Follow-up to a lead and assess customer needs.
  • Assign the lead to a dedicated salesperson for qualification
  • Measure response time for incoming leads, receive notifications for pending new leads
  • Use customer record history to generate loyalty
  • Analyze structure and sources of leads funnel to finetune your marketing strategy and sales process

Multibrand vehicle search and configuration

  • Search by model specification, availability, status, price range, color, accessories etc.
  • Search across multiple brands integrated into one system.
  • Check detailed specification of selected vehicle including configuration options.
  • Create new lead or opportunity for a selected vehicle.
  • Reserve selected vehicle, enqueue a reservation in case of pending reservations already exist.

Unified 360° view of customers

  • All customer data and documentation in one place
  • Review personal details, hobbies, driving licenses, preferences etc.
  • Check relations to companies and other contacts.
  • Check current and previous vehicles used or owned
  • See details of performed and planned activities presented in interactive Timeline section.
  • Keep track of sales and service transactions and documentation
  • Learn which marketing activities a contact has been exposed to.

Test drive scheduling

  • Reserve a vehicle and a time slot in a calendar to book a test drive.
  • Collect details required for the vehicle handover and print the required documentation out for signing.
  • Record final status of a vehicle after return and plan test drive follow-up.
  • Manage courtesy rentals and long-term rentals in the same environment.

Sales contract management

  • Follow-up on opportunities as sales contracts.
  • Plan and perform vehicle handover. Record real vehicle handover date.
  • Record details of vehicle financing.
  • Record expected vehicle replacement date and let the system remind you the right time to initiate the new sale process.
  • Update data in vehicle database so it can be used for marketing purposes afterwards.

Trade-in handling

  • Collect information about potential vehicle trade-ins.
  • Record evaluation of vehicle status and specify evaluated price and price offered to a customer.
  • Keep track of business discussions with the customer and stage of trade-in process.
  • Print the purchase contract to complete the trade-in process.

Analytics and reporting

  • Reminders of new leads, neglected leads, contact birthdays.
  • Sales pipeline and sales funnel analysis.
  • Forecasting of estimated revenue.
  • Analysis and controlling of salespersons‘ activities.
  • Analysis of lead structure, lead sources and conversion rate.

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