had a problem. The fleet of the largest Czech online grocery retailer has grown dramatically, along with the entire company. Along with this, the complexity and frequency of fleet records has increased. The few original spreadsheets, in which Rohlik managed his fleet in the beginning, have grown to 150 Google Sheets with thousands of records of vehicles, drivers, and accessories. It was unclear what went where, who changed what, and why. Making a system and structure work in this busy operation was a challenge for Fleetman and his team. How did we deal with this challenge?

See our video on how Fleetman supports Rohlik’s mission by helping them manage the vehicle fleet better. Or read the full story further below:’s mission is to offer the easiest and fastest route to everyday shopping and quality food. As the European technology leader in e-grocery, it is already redefining consumer grocery shopping in five national markets (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria, and Romania) by 2023. On a well-structured website, customers will find over 22,000 items from both small local suppliers and large, well-known brands, with prices matching those of brick-and-mortar competitors. Orders are delivered at the same day, with a choice of 15-minute windows or an express option where customers receive their purchase in as little as 60 minutes. Of course, there is also customer support 7 days a week and its couriers deliver the goods all the way to the door. However, is constantly improving its service. Therefore, it places great emphasis on technological development, automation, and improvement of the entire fleet.

The company is growing very rapidly and in 2023 the group reported:

 1,000,000+ customers
Over 10,000,000 orders per year
53% YoY revenue growth in 2021
Over 2,500 vehicles in operation

“We used to manage our fleet in 150 spreadsheets. Today, when our fleet has many more cars, such a system would be unsustainable. With Fleetman, we have one spreadsheet that saves us time, stress and money.”

Tomáš Doskočil, Group Expert User – Fleet Management,


For, delivering your purchases conveniently to your doorstep is one of their main missions. Vehicle fleet and its management is therefore a key tool to achieve this goal. However, with the growing demand for Rohlik’s services and the increasing number of vehicles and drivers, it is becoming increasingly challenging to provide this convenience to customers.

The fleet of’s Czech branch currently numbers more than 2,500 vehicles. It consists mainly of CNG cars, but Rohlik also operates more than 100 electric vehicles. The management is also complicated by special equipment that vehicles carry, such as terminals, navigation, cooling equipment, and others.

This dynamic environment is increasingly demanding in terms of record-keeping and organization. To ensure smooth operation, a new solution had to be implemented to meet the company’s needs.

SOLUTION therefore began the search for a new fleet management solution. However, none of the available offers on the market met their expectations, whether it was due to specific requirements, flexibility of suppliers, or a suitable licensing model. With its technological background, the company considered building its own system that would meet its exact needs. But then they met the team at Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech. Their approach suited Rohlik’s needs perfectly.

Thanks to the team’s willingness and openness, it was possible to develop a fleet management system that met all the requirements. This created a collaboration that grew into a strategic partnership.

Fleetman provided with:

  • A powerful vehicle records and document management module
  • Standardized access to records across the fleet distributed across multiple branches and management teams
  • Ability to quickly develop additional customized features
  • Integration to existing systems – GPS tracking Ecofleet, internal Cargo operations system.
  • Well-managed data migration from existing spreadsheets.


  • More reliable records of vehicle status – data is clearly and structured in one place.
  • Easier creation of vehicles, bulk imports
  • Clear data on fleet operations for management (interactive dashboards, customized reports in Microsoft PowerBI)
  • Optimization of service slots through service date prediction
  • Faster adoption of new employees – clear manual, structured training, standardized procedures
  • Possibility of further development and customization of the system. Fleetman keeps pace with a growing company that operates in several foreign markets.


Benefits in numbers:

5x faster vehicle localization

8x faster report preparation. Find information in a graphical dashboard in 30 seconds.

Easier vehicle search by multiple criteria in 10 seconds. Previously impossible.