We are constantly working on the development of Fleetman. In the current release, the functionality brings again several practical improvements. They focus mainly on increasing the user experience and enriching the system with additional data, usable for more efficient management and optimization of fleet operations.  So what does the latest version of Fleetman – Release 5 – bring to our customers?

Tracking of fines

Fines are recorded for both the vehicle and the driver. This gives you a better overview of the cost of the vehicle and how your drivers are handling the vehicle.

Enhanced tire management

Winter or summer tires, mileage records, replacement or retreading planning. This popular functionality has now moved from a paid add-on to the basic product installation. Intuitive dashboards have also been added. This significantly increases the practical value of the app for our customers without increasing the price of the basic product license.

Photo documentation of a service event

Fleetman is now able to offer more information on vehicles thanks to the ability to upload photo documentation for service events directly on the service form. This way, the user does not always have to open the document storage with the uploaded photos. A picture of the damage to the car will make it easier to identify the service event at a glance.

Automation of vehicle status change during a service event

If the function is activated, FLEETMAN automatically switches the service event and the vehicle to a state indicating vehicle unavailability on the day the vehicle is due for service.

Linking Service and Insurance Event records

A new handy feature allows the user to link an Insurance Event record to a Service record using the “Main Service” field. Thus, the system now allows not only a variant of multiple service appointments resolving one insurance claim, but also a variant of multiple insurance claims resolved in one service appointment. This information can be found in the new Servicing tab on the Insurance Claims form.

New add-on “GT NET Integration”

The add-on is an example of our intention to consolidate as much information about fleet operations as possible in one place (in the Fleetman interface) in order to further utilize the data for more efficient fleet management. The GT NET integration allows Fleetman to automatically download and further work with data from the GT NET service system. Service data such as work estimates, lists of parts used and tasks performed, photo documentation, invoicing, etc. can automatically flow into the Fleetman environment. More detailed information about the GT NET integration will appear here soon.

Besides these main functionalities, this release brought several other minor improvements, addition of more data fields, or technical improvements in the background of the application. Fleetman also invites users to try out the new interface layout, which promises a more user-friendly environment while preserving the ability for users to revert to the classic view if they prefer.

And we are constantly working on other new features.

Could Fleetman be useful for your operation? You can try it out – take it for a testdrive on Microsoft Appsource, or contact our consultants via the contact details on this site. They will be happy to discuss your needs and the app’s features in detail with you.