Those new tools you need at home you just want to touch before you buy them. You know the feeling – when you shop for something, even something simple, like a hammer. Standing in front of the shelf with various pieces, it is not enough to choose with your eyes only. You want to pick them up, assess the heft and balance, the texture and shape of the handle…maybe a couple of test swings… And of course, it is much harder to assess the suitability of an application for your organization’s needs. Real life processes that it is supposed to simplify, main functionalities and of course the touch and feel of the controls, all that you just want to test. Fleetman allows you to do just that in the new demo that we created.

Of course, no demo can truly show the daily operation with real data and those real-life situations no one could have had even imagined before. But it can tell you a lot about your future cohabitation. Now, you can try the Fleetman as well. As the good application it is, it features in its app store. Since it is built on Microsoft Power Platform, you can find it in Microsoft AppSource. And you can test it via its “Test Drive” in a 2-hour demo environment created specifically for you.

So go ahead and take it for a spin right now.


Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash