A cleaner and more comprehensive display of the most important information, even more practical and colorful reporting in Power BI, or the most requested extension – the mobile journey log. These are the main new features in our spring release of Fleetman updates. We are constantly listening to our customers’ feedback. As the number of users grows, we also get a better insight into how they really use the app. These are the main sources of insights for continuous improvement. And we’ve got more to come. Let’s take a closer look.

Vehicle 360° – comprehensive and beautiful screen with vehicle data

This is a typical example of adjustments based on feedback. We evaluated the most frequently used vehicle data, previously spread across multiple screens, tabs, etc. And we compiled them into a clearer, more practical view of the first screen a user sees about the vehicle. And we’ve named this new view Vehicle 360°. 

In order to organize this information in a really clear way, we used a new component called “Information Tiles”. These concentrate and display data from different areas such as service, vehicle financial balance sheet, consumption, etc. And also, a current picture of the vehicle. This is useful for quick identification.

Of course, other data about the vehicle can also be useful. These too are easily accessible; we have moved them to the Details tab.

See for yourself:

Screenshot of Vehicle 360 screen with all the relevant data

Vehicle 360° screen – all relevant data in one place

Driver Hub – a journey log in mobile

We have also seen strong demand from our customers for a simple application for drivers to record and report their journeys. Fleetman operates technologically on the Power Platform, which meant that building a new mobile app was technically relatively easy. Of course, selecting and integrating the right functionality is another matter. We wanted the app to be easy to use and function as a useful source of data that can be further worked with within Fleetman application, then fully administered by fleet manager.

Driver Hub can also be deployed in your organization as a standalone application, without Fleetman. Further development is to be expected, based on practical experience and it already provides the following functionalities:  

  • Keeping a record of the journey made (business / private) in the scope of
  • Database of frequently used locations for faster and easier entry of trips
  • Overview of basic vehicle technical information
  • Integration with Fleetman

The Driver Hub application is licensed and installed separately. If you are interested in this application, please contact us via the support portal.  


Fleetman reporting in Power BI

He who does not measure, cannot manage. Certainly not the efficiency of the fleet. Fleetman works with a lot of measurable data on fleet operations. It can also clearly display and evaluate the data for better management. In addition to its own basic graphical dashboards, Fleetman can also integrate with the reporting and analytics tool Microsoft Power BI. In the spring release, we took this capability even further and prepared a customized set of reports to meet the exact needs of fleet managers, as well as their managers and CFOs.

The reports visualize data on, among others:

  • Drivers and vehicles – costs and profits by type, economic balance sheet, lease termination prediction
  • Service events – types, costs, inspection date prediction
  • Insurance claims over time and by type
  • Refueling – geographical distribution, costs
  • Overall fleet performance – failure rates by model, cost prediction and planning, year-on-year comparisons, etc.

Power Bi dashboard in Fleetman

No additional license is required to run the report. Basic work with the report can be done in the freely available version of Power BI. More information about Power BI licensing can be found here

If you are interested in extending your licenses to work in PowerBI online, please contact our support. 

…and many more smaller improvements

Apart from these three major improvements, we have finalized several smaller functionalities in the spring release, mostly focused on the practicality and ease of use of the app. These include:

  • Fully configurable vehicle equipment records (applicable to anything)
  • Multi-currency support for financial indicators
  • Predictive calculation of the next service date or lease end date
  • Records of profits generated (for example, if you lease your vehicles)
  • Clearer tracking of availability statuses (when the vehicle is ready for use, in service etc.)
  • More convenient editing of notes on the vehicle card
  • Faster and easier work with some records (closing a service, creating a tire record)

…and other seemingly small things. Of course, our customers who already use the system will be notified about all the new features in detail. And we can all look forward to further improvements that we are already working on at full speed.