Power BI reports for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • 4 sets of interactive dashboards with the most frequently used data
  • Deployable into any version of Business Central and in any country
  • Supplied with underlying data model and the option of customizing dashboards
  • The possibility of setting up according to user roles in the system


Sales package

This package of 7 sales reports will show you a detailed analysis of the company’s performance, as well as the view of individual salespersons’ business plan fulfillment.

The core of the reporting is a year-over-year comparison of individual customers’ sales, but it also contains statistics on customer payment morale, including customer retention analysis.


Finance package

The financial reporting package contains 7 unique dashboards with your company’s financial and business results, thus providing a comprehensive overview of key indicators.

Deployment of this package will give you tools for analyzing the status of receivables, payables, and income statements, as well as views of the financial analysis of centers. You can subsequently create your own analyses to suit your needs.


Warehouse package

Analysis of the company’s inventory forms an integral part of data reporting. This package gives you 7 unique dashboards with a clear view of the inventory value, items’ sales, and dozens of other indicators.

Deployment of this package will give you a comprehensive view of the ABC analysis, inventory aging analysis, and an interactive view of low inventory turnover statistics for better warehouse optimization.


Purchase package

As part of the purchase package, you will receive 7 unique reports containing a comprehensive overview of the purchase of items by product category, representation of individual suppliers, or the company’s purchase history.​

The package enables a detailed analysis of the status of purchase orders and the development of a stock of items. The standard solution also includes several statistics from the supplier’s point of view – its average price, unaccepted orders, or total purchases. ​


Implementation procedure

The application is simple to deploy and can be set up in just one day.
The dashboard packages are implemented following these steps:





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