Learning Management System for the modern digital workplace

The LMS365 (Learning Management System) solution focuses on managing employee education.

Join more than 4 million users, who access their education anytime and anywhere.

General information

The Microsoft ISV (independent software vendor) LMS365 is an award-winning employee training solution that enables your organization to provide training on the Microsoft 365 platform through SharePoint, Teams, or through a mobile application. It provides a familiar environment for your employees, partners, and customers. Integration into other applications is seamless thanks to the chosen technology.

With LMS365, you enter the familiar Office 365 environment (Microsoft 365). You enter your usual password and the platform already recognizes your profile, your position, and the training you have to complete.



LMS365 helps your company realize its potential quicker!

Create a learning experience, whether you’re working on a desktop, mobile device or within Microsoft Teams!

  • Engage students within the environment they use on a daily basis.
  • Decide and run LMS365 in minutes – no need to train students.
  • LMS365 is scalable to the needs of any large organization.
  • Allow employees to help each other to be more productive.
  • Leverage your existing Office 365-based processes (Microsoft 365).
  • Eliminate the need to install, integrate, and manage third-party Web services.
  • Use the existing capabilities of the Microsoft environment to customize the teaching and appearance of LMS365 exactly to your liking.

The LMS365 can be deployed and running in a matter of hours. Everything runs in the Microsoft Cloud environment.

Start training your employees today!

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