The automotive industry is one of the most progressive. The needs and requirements of customers, to which dealers and service centers must constantly adapt, require rapid development in the areas of vehicle production and innovation. Flexible and timeless technologies are extremely important for companies operating in the automotive market.

What we can help with

Take care of your customers, anticipate their needs and gain their loyalty.

We have been providing technological solutions and services in the automotive field for many years. We precisely know the specifics of this rapidly evolving market. Ask us about powerful tools for the successful management of sales and after-sales processes.

  • Customer Focus – whether you are a dealer or service center, you need to understand your customers to provide quality service. Use a customized CRM system for a 360 ° client view. Keep track of all their requirements, purchasing activities, and service history.
  • Sales process management – provide your dealers with a tool to support the sales process from the acquisition of a potential customer to the handover of a new vehicle. Use analytical tools to manage and control business team activities.
  • Dealer network management – analytical tools and reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of the sales success of individual centers and the entire dealer network. Use the power of the Power BI graphical interface for a quick overview of monthly results or for a detailed analysis of monitored KPIs and trends.
  • Centralized data management – build a central database of customers and data on their behavior. Check the quality of data generated by different systems in one place, while identifying and eliminating data duplication. Prepare credible consolidated data for analysis.


Konica Minolta Automotive CRM is a modern cloud solution built on the latest technology. We have designed it hand in hand with car dealers themselves. It covers all the specifics of the dealership sales processes from the first contact to the after-sales customer care in order to create satisfied, loyal customers.

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