Real Estate & Development

Developers face challenges, from selecting a suitable site, through complex permitting procedures and management of the construction itself, to securing customers, property management, and appropriate investment appreciation.

What we can help with

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech brings a comprehensive set of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Development tools, from which we will compile the solution that best suits your business.

Purchase of real estate> Project construction> Purchase of subcontracting> Marketing> Lease> Sale> Real estate management> Property management> Asset management> Back office

Thanks to our solution, you get:

Development with a general contractor
  • Project management from land selection
  • Assessment of permitting procedures and purchasing decisions
  • Selection of designer and construction contractor
  • Contract management
  • Managerial construction project management, milestone monitoring, cash flow
  • Property Management and Asset Management
Development with own construction
  • Detailed calculation of the return from the initial plan – deciding whether the project pays off
  • Financing of development projects, securing funding of projects
  • Budget planning and controlling
  • Complex multi-level structure of development projects, divided into phases, stages, milestones, etc., with a continuous period from several months to several years
  • Categorization of cost items by ongoing control of budget execution
  • Purchase order management with respect to the approved budget
  • Robust support for many SPVs in various countries and legislations
  • Optimization of levies, application of many methods of VAT calculation
  • Advanced unfinished production calculation
  • Extensive project documentation
  • Management of a large number of subcontractors, control of their composition by tender
  • Close cooperation with external project participants (designers, engineering, etc.)
  • Mobility of project team members
Business and Marketing in a development company
  • Records of parks, buildings, units, and their areas and condition in terms of availability and usability in the offers
  • Marketing, including providing targeted campaigns to existing leads and following up
  • Business management (sales and rental) with the generation of offers and contracts
  • Linking the offered real estate to the website or other business solutions
  • Use of artificial intelligence analysis for hidden trends and threats
Property Management and Facility Management
  • Organization of property management and maintenance with own resources and through other suppliers
  • Creation of complicated contracts containing various rental forms of rent and services
  • Automation of the demanding process of invoicing a large number of documents
  • Sensitive receivables management
Asset management
  • Building management, including monitoring of critical parameters
  • SPV administration and their financing
  • Credit and valuation management
Back office
  • Creation and administration of contracts
  • Scanning and extraction of invoicing
  • Attendance and business trips


Contract agenda management

Land Development

Construction project management


Sales – rental and sale of real estate

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