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Microsoft Attack Simulator – Take advantage of what you’re already paying for 

Workshop: simulating a cyber attack using Microsoft Attack Simulator 

Cybersecurity rules and tools protect us from hackers, cyber criminals and other perpetrators of fraud. This workshop will help you raise awareness of cybersecurity in your organization. 


Security education for management and employees 

It is very difficult to cope with all the risks that cyberspace brings to us users, especially because we are not even aware of many of the pitfalls. The seminars we have prepared on this topic can be the first step in effectively addressing your privacy and security in cyberspace – you will gain information on lesser-known threats, but more importantly, information and knowledge on how to effectively defend against them. 

Personal Security and Privacy in Cyberspace (Seminar for Managers and Executives) 

Cyber threats and safe behaviour in cyberspace (Seminar for employees) 


Accredited ICRC seminars for officials 

The accredited seminars are intended for officials and senior officials of local self-government units involved in the performance of administrative activities assigned to a municipal authority, to a city authority, to a municipality of a statutory city or to a municipality of a subdivision of a statutory city, to an office of a city district or to an office of a city district of a subdivision of a statutory city, to a regional office, to the Municipality of the Capital City of Prague or to an office of a city district of the Capital City of Prague, including heads of offices.

The official/manager receives a Certificate of Completion of the training programme pursuant to Article 20(4) of Act No 312/2002 Coll., on officials of local self-government units and on amendments to certain acts. 

Personal data protection and GDPR 

Defence against corruption 


Accredited seminar of the Ministry of Education for teaching staff and senior teaching staff 

The seminars are intended for all senior teaching staff and teachers in all types of schools and educational establishments who, in the course of their work, find themselves in situations that may threaten their personal safety, reputation and privacy. The seminar will be organised for each type of school and educational establishment, so that the practical aspect of the recommendations is focused on specific examples (kindergartens and primary schools with first grade, primary schools; primary and secondary schools; elementary schools, secondary schools, secondary schools, secondary schools). 

The pedagogical staff member receives a Certificate of Completion of the educational programme according to Section 1 of Decree No. 317/2005 Coll., on further education of pedagogical staff, accreditation commission and career system of pedagogical staff. 

Safety issues for teachers, children, pupils and students (for senior teaching staff) 

Issues of personal data protection and GDPR in practice (for senior teaching staff) 

Teaching staff in danger, communication and behaviour in emergencies (for teaching staff) 

Safe behaviour in cyberspace (for teaching staff) 


Penetration tests 

A penetration test, or simulation of a real security incident, is a test of the resilience of security mechanisms, processes, or risky employee behaviour. The objective of this simulated incident is usually to obtain important information, to penetrate an information system, internal premises, to attempt to take out a product, etc. The output of the test is an analysis of the identified weaknesses and a proposal for their elimination. 


GDPR: Fiduciary services, compliance and training 

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) performs tasks in accordance with the provisions of Article 39 of the Regulation (GDPR) and applicable Czech legislation. The aim is to provide professional services in order to minimize the risk of potential security incidents. Therefore, we offer a team of specialists from the areas that are directly affected by the Regulation, i.e. information, administrative, personnel and physical security, to perform the role of the DPO. Another advantage of the service is the continuous maintenance of internal governing acts and data protection processes in line with changing legal regulations and case law. With this service, the fiduciary will not be a mere “paper” form of measure. 

Security issues

What would it mean to lose accounting by a day, a week, a month?

What would it mean to lose your mailbox?

Do you know how many people in your company have a secure password and will not easily disclose their login information?

Do you know how a cyber attack works? They are increasing and apply to companies of all sizes.

We live in a digital world.  Our work lives, personal lives, and finances have begun to move to the internet, mobile devices, and electronic media.  Unfortunately, it leaves us more vulnerable than ever before – hacker attacks, privacy invasion, fraud, and many other dangers. 

Attacks from hackers and regular security breaches affect firms of all sizes.  These incidents cause irrepairable reputational damage and can often be so significant as to make front-page news.

If you are not yet concerned about your cyber security, you should be.

Security and compliance are broad topics. For many companys, these topics are rather theoretical or difficult to grasp, and thus are given a low priority.  

That is why we approached the whole issue as a journey.  From basic activities using individual Microsoft tools within the Microsoft 365 platform – that is, when using tools that you already pay for, and probably do not take advantage of – up to the more complex activities, that require specialized knowledge and skills in the field of hacking or special 3rd party software. 

We will guide you on this journey.

Everything begins with a basic backup of documents, photos, and the desktop.  With the help of OneDrive, where everyone receives 1 TB of disk space in the basic version, backup is easy.  This protects ordinary documents. 

Next comes Microsoft Attack Simulator, which can simulate cyberattacks. And in the case of a poor result you can use Microsoft Secure score, which will guide you through security settings step-by-step showing the most risky and vulnerable points of the company’s infrastructure.


We can then continue to the Compliance Score tool. Thanks to a set of checklists, this tool allows us to not only maintain compliance across the company, but also prepare for an audit or for obtaining ISO certification. Ready-made sets from renowned audit companies are currently available on the market. 

More advanced tools come in the form of Azure, which helps not only keep data under control (eDiscovery a GDPR), but also protect it against external attacks. 

We have also prepared an opportunity for ethical hackers to verify your corporate security readiness against cyber attacks. 

Third-party tools only compliment the porfolio, whether it is the Talkey solution for ensuring control over sent emails (with the option to recall or delete), to the LMS365 solution, which we can use to solve compliance issues.

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