Key benefits of the solution

SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) is a system that lets you know what you buy from individual suppliers, how much and at what prices, whether you share common suppliers with competitors, or how your suppliers and capital are doing. 


General information

SRM from Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech, is a specialized software application designed for supplier relationship management built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

What will this application bring you?

An overview and information about suppliers
Savings when purchasing materials, goods, and services
Improved supplier relationships
Fast traceability of information
Database of knowledge, procedures and templates
Project management and cooperation on tasks
Risk Management
Management of access rights

Technical information

SRM is connected to accounting software or to the ERP system (SAP R / 3, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and others), where invoices and payments to individual suppliers are recorded in order to evaluate the fulfillment of competed conditions and prices, compare contracted and real spend (current state of fulfillment) at suppliers, but also to evaluate the quality of individual invoiced deliveries. This part of the system will enable Category managers to evaluate the portfolio of suppliers in a given category,  , and ensure smooth deliveries. Purchasing management reveals potential savings dashboards and the ability to set a savings plan according to individual categories.

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