Custom software development

We offer analysis of business requirements and customer processes as well as subsequent custom software application development exactly according to the client’s needs.

What we can help with

Every company is different and the success of a given company depends on its individual approach to clients, employees, and its surroundings. Today is the age of standardized software that can be implemented with minimal cost, thus supporting key client processes. Nevertheless, there are a number of companies that already have standard software implemented, but it does not support specific needs that the company requires to offer its customers a unique approach. It is to these companies that we are able to offer an individual approach and provide custom development of applications and services, including analysis of business requirements / processes, inhouse development, implementation, and subsequent operations exactly according to the established requirements.

Technical informations

Types of applications we implement and can do? Simple answer! Any.

  • Web applications
  • Desktop (Windows) applications
  • Integration platforms
  • Mobile apps

Each of these application types addresses specific customer requirements from internal process coverage to end-client portals.

With custom development, we don’t just go the “greenfield” development route. We have many years of experience in creating add-on solutions on top of standard systems, especially from the Microsoft Dynamics family.

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