Join us in opening a new era of digital transformation in your organisation. Discover how and where the latest Microsoft 365 tools powered by Microsoft AI and Microsoft Copilots can empower you. Learn how to use them effectively and safely. We'll help you through this step by step.

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What we can help you with:

  • Getting started with Microsoft 365
  • Analysis and planning
  • Implementation and transition
  • Setup, monitoring, and optimization
  • Operational support
  • Licensing advice
  • Complete security

What you get

All the know-how for your Microsoft 365 exactly to suit your organisation’s needs. 

  • Make the most of your investment in a Microsoft 365 subscription. 
  • Optimally adapt the licence composition to the work of individual users. 
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of the technology environment and how it is used in your organisation. 
  • You can better plan and target the adoption process for individual applications and services. 
  • Increase the security of your users, data and documents. 
  • You get our specialists for your IT strategy and needs. You can discuss everything with them.  

Scenarios and areas of application 

We’ll show you how to use the services through specific scenarios. During the demonstration, we’ll go through how to use it, as well as the setup and security options. Together we’ll go through the different areas of work in Microsoft 365 as regards  Sales & Marketing – Human Resources – Finance – Retail – Project Management – IT Management – IT Service Engineering – Security Management – Compliance Management – and whatever else you need.

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We tailor everything to suit your specific brief and requirements, including focusing on a particular area or functionality of the Microsoft 365 environment.

Adoption of Microsoft 365 #

The Microsoft 365 environment is growing rapidly. It has long been more than just the traditional Office 365 office software. It now offers a comprehensive set of tools and services that include applications such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Power Apps, Power BI and many more. And it’s all enhanced with Microsoft AI functions.

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 in your organisation. We’ll introduce you to the latest innovations and help you get to know and make efficient use of all the tools and services it offers. They’ll then always be the best things to help you and your employees at work and at home.

You get:

  • A detailed overview and introduction toMicrosoft 365 applications and tools
  • Examples of its practical use and tipsfor setup and security
  • Experience and expert recommendationsfrom our IT specialists
  • A practical insightinto activating and using applications in your environment
  • A stronger teamin communication, collaboration and all company processes 
  • Suggestions for the optimal combination ofMicrosoft 365 products and services to suit your needs, including licensing advice

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Analysis and planning #

We’ll discuss the current situation with you and conduct a through analysis of your IT environment. Based on this, we’ll see where Microsoft 365 tools and services can further enhance and support your work. We’ll recommend the optimal solution to ensure you benefit from a modern working environment that meets your organisation’s needs.

You get:

  • a comprehensive overview of your technology, including the tools, operating systems and applications you use,
  • targeted recommendations on analysis of specific areas in which Microsoft solutions are used, such as Intune, Defender, Teams, and Microsoft Power Platform,
  • the basis for optimization and innovation with our recommendations for the best use of Microsoft 365 tools tailored to suit your organisation in the areas of communication, collaboration, data storage, and the digitalisation of business processes,
  • enhanced security explanations and recommendations for solutions to protect data, information, and devices using Microsoft Security products and services (DLP, IRM, Defender),
  • a deeper understanding of your organisation’s needs – the analysis includes not only the technology but also your business processes and procedures to optimally select and deploy a Microsoft 365 solution to meet your exact needs.

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Implementation and transition #

Make the most of the expert services offered by our team of Microsoft 365 specialists for a smooth implementation and transition process. We’ll guide you through security email and user migration. We’ll recommend the right tools for your online work (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive cloud storage and more). We’ll introduce you to security management tools such as Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Intune. We’ll provide you with the confidence, knowledge, and investment savings you need when deploying new technologies.

You get:

  • a comprehensive guide to Microsoft 365with a deeper understanding of not just emails and Teams, but all the services and tools in line with your real needs and requirements,
  • smooth and flawless synchronization of user accounts and groups,
  • fast and seamless transfer of email communication to the cloud,
  • security and data protection with integrated Microsoft Security tools,
  • gradual migration using a “pilot group” to transfer users and their devices to the new environment,
  • management of all areas, including protection and security, with tools such as Microsoft Defender and Intune.

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Setup and optimization #

From setup, through monitoring to optimization. Configuring your Microsoft 365 environment correctly is important, as is the right licensing. Make the most of the full potential of the Microsoft 365 platform with us to meet your organisation’s needs and optimize your licensing investment.

You get:

  • the Microsoft 365 environment configured to meet all your organisation’s specific needs and goals,
  • monitoring the security and functionality of your environment, including advice on protecting your data and applications,
  • optimization of the use of all aspects of your subscription, including recommendations on how to take full advantage of its benefits,
  • adoption strategy and guidance on how to best integrate all Microsoft 365 tools and services into your organisation,
  • knowledge of Microsoft 365 news and updates,
  • licensing advice and optimization to make efficient use of all Microsoft 365 tools and services exactly in line with your needs.

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Operational support #

Your IT team doesn’t necessarily need to know everything. Even in Microsoft 365, you may encounter obstacles such as a more complex setup or choice of the right tool or service for a particular task. If you’re unsure about anything, contact us. We’ll provide you with “second line” IT support. We’ll give you the advice you need and recommend the most suitable solution. We’re ready to help you optimize, innovate, and inspire your technology environment.

You get:

  • expert IT assistance on hand whenever you run into problems,
  • optimization and innovation in solving the problem; we’ll always recommend the appropriate use of Microsoft 365 products and services in line with your needs and based on comprehensive expertise, including innovations,
  • immediate help from our IT specialists instead of having to spend ages searching for a solution,
  • savings on costs to the option of prepaying for an agreed number of hours of support, so you don’t have to deal with payment every time you use our services,
  • development of your IT team, who can further learn from our advice and recommendations.

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Complete security #

Protecting data, technology, and users is the most important area within your entire IT environment today. We’ll provide you with the necessary cybersecurity expertise and experience. Take advantage of our Microsoft 365 services for both management and IT administrators. We’ll help you set up an appropriate security strategy. You’ll get specific security guidance to make sure you’re as protected as well as possible from cyber threats.

You get:

  • a deeper insight into current security threats and risks in order to increase your defences as required,
  • aware and well-informed employees can be sure that they will stay secure in cyberspace,
  • guidance and recommendations make the most of all the security functions in Microsoft 365,
  • support for security management at the strategic planning level,
  • interactive education and introduction to key technologies,
  • professional consultation with Konica Minolta and Microsoft IT security specialists,
  • compliance with all the latest security standards and ensuring compliance with your security policy,
  • identification of your organisation’s vulnerabilities and securing them by means of a simulated attack with the Microsoft Attack Simulator. By familiarizing yourself with the tools, running simulated attacks, and analysing the results, you’ll gain a better understanding of cybersecurity, identify potential vulnerabilities, and strengthen your company’s defences against real threats.

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