Microsoft AZURE Development and Services

Microsoft Azure provides a modern, flexible and secure environment for computing power, development and operation of your business applications.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of tools and services for all your IT challenges. It will adapt to your needs and visions. We can help you transform and strengthen your corporate infrastructure. We’ll guide you through the upgrade, migration, setup, and adaptation process.

What we can help you with

  • environmental audit
  • optimization of existing resources
  • identity solutions and security
  • design and security of Azure as a platform and its networks
  • data and application security
  • monitoring and central security management

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Audit #

Each environment should be audited on a regular basis to ensure it is secure and consistent.

Azure environments are often created organically and in a rush. It is therefore important to bear in mind that certain security, structure, and governance principles must also be observed in this.

The dynamic growth of a company often results in security and ensuring compliance with the planned concept of the IT environment being neglected. With regular audits, you can be sure your IT facilities are working and protected as they should be.

The aim of our audit is to show you how you can achieve this effectively. We’ll show you what to look out for to minimize the risks your cyberspace is exposed to every day.

Identity #

The cornerstone of any solution is undoubtedly identity. Yet this aspect of infrastructure is often forgotten and in most cases, identity is left to fend for itself after the solution is deployed.

Definitely put identity first in every situation. Whether you’re still facing the decision to migrate to the cloud, have decided to do so, or have already managed it.

Platform and network security #

Security is at the forefront of Microsoft Azure platform technologies. Yet it is often underestimated and overlooked.

The Azure platform comes with dozens of tools and services to ensure security. And many of them are completely free.

Is your environment fully operational? Then don’t forget that without following certain principles, it is almost constantly in danger. Not to mention that, if your services are open to the Internet, you certainly can’t do without additional measures.

Data and application security #

Data and application security is one of the most important areas of your IT. It’s no different in Microsoft Azure. There is the constant threat of a cyberattack. Don’t underestimate it. You may lose data, but you also risk your entire infrastructure being put out of service and incurring major financial losses.

Under full operation and without following certain guidelines, your environment is almost constantly at risk. Not to mention that, if your services are online, you cannot do without additional measures.

Security Operations Management #

Security is nothing without tools to help you monitor and assess risk, including early warning of potential threats. If you can use them correctly, they can react automatically and save your environment from damage.

Monitoring tools are an integral part of the Microsoft Azure platform.

It’s not only the Azure Monitor family that can help you, but also Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel.

Optimization #

If you’re already using Microsoft Azure services, we can help you reduce the consumption of monitored resources through optimization. This will save you money on your monthly consumption while providing you with information about your current environment and how to strengthen it.

We measure the utilization of your existing resources, such as how busy the virtual server is, and whether you have the right storage in terms of writes, reads, or capacity. We’ll then suggest a course of action to reduce the consumption of those resources.

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