Ethical conduct practices are an integral part of the vision and guidelines of Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech. Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech’s reputation in the business world is our most valuable asset and our conduct in business life plays a major role in shaping that reputation.

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech strives to align its business practices not only with the economic and social priorities of the environment, but also with its own rules of conduct that apply throughout the Konica Minolta Group.

One important objective is our requirement to maintain the highest ethical principles in all areas of our business. These principles apply to all business activities in every market in which we operate. The guidelines are intended to improve awareness of ethical conduct issues within the organization and to provide a basis for dealing with the various situations in which ethical conduct issues play a role.

Employees are open and honest and stand by their responsibilities. They are reliable and fair partners who only make promises that they know they can keep. This applies both to internal cooperation and to business dealings with external partners.

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech would like to work with customers and suppliers who have a solid approach to business and a reputation for integrity. Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech does not knowingly support any public or private organisations that act in a discriminatory manner and expects its employees to perform their tasks with moral responsibility, honesty, integrity and loyalty.
One of the most fundamental pillars of Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech is that all rules and procedures, as well as applicable laws, must be followed without exception. No director, officer or employee of Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech has the right to violate the law or to order his/her employees or third parties to do so.

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