We are an experienced supplier of technologies that match the specific requirements of the field of engineering. Our solution for medium-sized, large and multinational companies will give you the ability to react flexibly and adapt to market variability. It supports custom and serial production as well as kanban. The system handles mixed requirements for component and process production to cover a wide range of production and industries. Of course, there is consistent adherence to design and production documentation in the ERP itself, as well as a strong link to warehousing, internal, as well as external logistics.

What we can help with

  • Thorough planning of products, resources, and materials with an approach of minimizing costs and utilization of resources
  • Improving quality by introducing control mechanisms
  • Strengthening the link between production and trade, warehousing and logistical processes
  • Tracing of materials and products throughout the production process
  • Quick return on investment and long-term stability
  • Accessible digital transformation to help gain a decisive market advantage

Engineering a sustainable future now

MicrosoftSolution for Engineering is designed to deliver capabilities that support the core processes and requirements of the industry. These end-to-end manufacturing solutions include released and new capabilities that seamlessly connect people, assets, workflow, and business processes, empowering organizations to be more resilient.

Digitally empower your workforce

Reskill your workers and increase customer satisfaction with new digital experiences.

Operate safe and agile factories

Build the productive, smart factory of the future with industrial IoT, cloud, AI, and mixed reality.

Create more resilient supply chains

Improve end-to-end supply chain visibility, agility, and profitability through intelligent planning and execution, demand sensing, and traceability.

Unlock innovation and new services

Accelerate the engineering of new business value using digital feedback loops and digital twins.

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