For complete protection and security of your IT. Ensure your organisation is able to withstand all cyber threats and attacks at all times. Even the most sophisticated.

Make the most of the solutions offered by the Microsoft Security family. Our team of specialists will help you secure all aspects of your IT environment quickly and efficiently, including follow-up support.

You won’t get the security you need for your IT simply by buying and commissioning the products and services you need. Get to know the tools, learn how to use them, and gain insight into how to protect your data and your entire enterprise infrastructure.
Detect all risks and potential threats early.

Our services for your security management:

  • Measuring and checking your current security status
  • Recommendations to further strengthen your security
  • Setup, management, and monitoring of processes
  • Data protection, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Identity management and protection
  • Device management and protection
  • Security of email communication
  • Early detection and resolution of threats
  • Training and consultancy
  • Server management and protection
  • NIS2 readiness check
  • Security Support – Level 2

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Discover how Microsoft Security tools and services can help your company.

Complete control with Microsoft Defender #

Your “all-in-one” security helps you detect and respond to cyber threats early. In IT, this is known as XDR (eXtended Detection and Response). Improve the monitoring of your devices, identities, applications, emails, and your entire enterprise IT.

For your cloud and Microsoft 365 environment, you get:

  • security management all in one place
  • real-time security and protection
  • proactive tools for early threat detection and rapid response
  • Compliance support
  • cross-platform collaboration

The main tools in the Microsoft Defender family include Microsoft Defender for Cloud/Server, EASM, Endpoint, Cloud Apps, Office 365, and Identity.

Why us
Our specialists can deploy Microsoft Defender in a matter of moments. Defender then automatically analyses your environment and recommends a set of actions to improve your security status. We can help you put these recommendations into practice.

Modern device management with Microsoft Intune #

For your modern Endpoint Management. No more uncontrolled devices or managing computers under a local Active Directory with no off-site monitoring. With Intune, you get a unified environment to manage security for all your endpoints in one place. Wherever they are. Intune is tailored to your employees, ensuring they are connected to your corporate network whether they are working in the office, at home, or on the road.

With Microsoft Intune, you get:

  • Unified endpoint management. This unified tool helps you manage all your devices across platforms with direct integration into your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Strengthening security architecture, user and data protection based on the principle of Zero Trust and flexible access and identity management. Protect not only company-owned devices but also user privacy in line with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.
  • Compliance with your organization’s security policy and standards.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 for maximum compatibility and integration with other Microsoft services.
  • Cross-platform support with device management capabilities across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Why us
Deploying Mobile Device Management is a complex process. We’ll guide you through the process from the planning phase, through deployment to installation on the individual devices, including user training. With cross-platform support, you’ll be able to deploy Intune on any device in your company that uses Windows, Android, or iOS.

Identity management with Microsoft Entra #

A powerful solution for modern management and robust security of identities and access across your hybrid and cloud environments. Formerly known as Azure AD. The latest functions and tools will help you easily and clearly protect this area against all cyber threats.

With Microsoft Entra, you get:

  • Secure access to all identities, applications, and resources from anywhere across all your corporate networks.
  • Protection and authentication of all identities, establishing and setting rules for every user, application, device, and role across your multi-cloud and hybrid environment.
  • Provision of only the necessary access. Easily manage access or restrict permissions, such as by user role.
  • Simplified user experience through seamless access to the necessary applications, single login, automated processes, and self-service user management.
  • For identity and access management Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), Microsoft Entra ID Governance, and Microsoft Entra External ID
  • To protect and categorize Microsoft Entra Authenticated IDs, Microsoft Entra Permission Management, and Microsoft Entra Task IDs
  • For network access Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Private Access

Why us

We’ll help you learn about and effectively use Microsoft Entra to protect your identities and access. We’ll work with you to set everything up and recommend other options for use, including integrating Microsoft Security tools with all the important areas in your IT environment.

Intelligent protection with Microsoft Sentinel #

Your security management is powered by state-of-the-art analytical tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will help you in SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response). It will give you an overview of your entire critical infrastructure and data, and strengthen your ability to quickly detect and respond to security incidents. 

With Microsoft Sentinel you get

  • Improved scalability with functions for processing huge volumes of data. Sort, expand, or shrink, and adapt everything to your current needs with no limitation on your infrastructure.
  • Strengthen security with advanced AI and machine learning to help you detect threats immediately and respond quickly.
  • Flexibility and integration no matter where your data comes from. Whether it’s a local network or the cloud, Sentinel collects and integrates data across a wide range of tools, including those outside the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Cost-effectiveness. You only pay for what you use.
  • Automated protection helps you detect and stop or mitigate attacks early.

Why us

We’ll help you set up Sentinel to best protect your environment. Together, we’ll ensure connectivity across your identities, servers, and other Azure assets. Sentinel can not only work very effectively with Microsoft Defender but also with many other security tools. It can protect physical servers and virtual resources in the Microsoft Cloud and also supports interconnection with other cloud entities from different vendors. We can help you with customization and configuration to suit your IT environment.

GDPR with Microsoft Priva #

If you’re looking for a comprehensive data protection solution in today’s digital age, Microsoft Priva is exactly what you need. It will help your organization to manage GDPR and comply with all the legal standards and regulations. It can also help you identify potential risks early on, for example in situations involving improper data sharing, data movement, or over-collection. Priva ensures that you can manage all your personal data processing affairs efficiently and securely.

With Microsoft Priva, you get:

  • Proactive tools for early detection and prevention of data protection risks 
  • Data visibility and traceability
  • Automation of processes for managing and quickly responding to personal data requests
  • Comprehensive risk management and GDPR compliance in conjunction with Microsoft Purview

Why us:
We can help you protect and secure your personal data in line with your organization’s needs. We’ll provide you with our digitalization and IT security expertise and experience in the commercial and government sectors. We’ll help you with the implementation of the necessary technologies and services, as well as with understanding the complexities involved in the protection of personal data in accordance with the current legislative requirements of the GDPR.

Compliance with Microsoft Purview #

A solution that gives you all the tools you need for effective data management, regulatory compliance, and risk management. When combined with Microsoft Priva and other Microsoft Security tools, your data management and protection security is comprehensive.

With Microsoft Purview you get:

  • A better overview of  management and data traceability across the organisation
  • Integration with other solutions for data access, security, and risk detection
  • Comprehensive management in compliance with all the applicable regulations
  • Tools for data portfolio mapping, identification of sensitive data, secure access, and data handling analysis

Why us
Nowadays, data management is such a complex task that it is crucial to have an experienced and reliable partner by your side. Together we will take a detailed look at the current state of your data management and governance. We’ll go through all the areas that need to be addressed and, based on our experience and expertise, recommend the most appropriate technologies to help you optimally manage your data in compliance with all the applicable regulations.

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