Procurement Management

Microsoft & Konica Minolta technologies and services make every step of your purchasing process easier. Fine-tune your purchasing management with a combination of reliable AI-powered office and business application tools and the maximal focus on security and compliance.

We know that the whole purchasing process is administratively demanding. Every click that saves you work and time counts. Simplify it with us. Integrate cutting-edge Microsoft technology and Konica Minolta expert services into all key areas of your Procurement Management, from strategic planning and data management to market analysis and process optimization.

Turn your purchase into a competitive advantage. Explore all the possibilities for optimal use of office and business applications enhanced with AI elements to automate, digitize, and facilitate all purchasing steps, including security and system integration.

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We can help you innovate and optimize in the following areas:

  • Strategic Purchasing Planning
  • Procurement management
  • Supply chain management
  • Contract processes and document management
  • Purchase orders and invoices
  • Financial management and cost control
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability and Compliance
  • Data Security and Protection
  • Technology Integration, Customization, and Extension
  • Training and development of the purchasing team using AI tools – Microsoft Copilot

Get inspired on how to simplify and streamline your company’s purchasing and administrative processes using modern technology and proven practices. On the occasion of the largest purchasing festival eBF2024, we have prepared a comprehensive overview of all tools and services, practical demonstrations, and useful tips.

Tools you already have #

Topic for: Michal Barč, Business Development Manager, Konica Minolta

Focus on full use of Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Copilot subscription.


  • How to use all Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tools effectively so that your license subscription delivers the desired return.
  • News and trends, including know-how on Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Hands-on demonstrations of how to work with Microsoft 365 tools and services that businesses often don’t use to their full potential and effectiveness.
  • Inspiration and guidance for optimizing your work with AI.
  • Useful information and tips on Microsoft Teams for better communication and productivity for your procurement team.

We can help you with:
Microsoft 365 and make the most of all services and applications to streamline work and processes.
Microsoft Teams for better communication and collaboration, file sharing, and application integration.
Microsoft AI & Copilots to increase productivity, automate and simplify routine activities.
Microsoft Security in consulting, setup, management, and training to secure and protect devices, data, and users.

Procurement planning and data management #

Topic for: Roman Berger, Solution Architect, DIM Power Platform, Konica Minolta

Focus on planning and data management. Using tools you may already have, without the need for programming.


  • Power Apps for planning shopping activities.
  • Power Automate for easy process automation.
  • Power Automate integration for your data management and approvals in purchasing.
  • How to work with Microsoft Teams for integrated communication and scheduling, meetings, document storage and sharing, and chat bot usage.
  • How to use AI (Microsoft Copilot) in planning purchasing activities.

We can help you with:
Power Apps
(model driven) for creating applications without programming.
Power Automate for process automation using templates and personal “flows”.
Microsoft Teams for communication, support and collaboration of your procurement team.
Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps and the use of AI to facilitate planning and management in the purchasing process.

Digitalization in purchasing steps and documents #

Topic for: Aleš Fukal, Director of Digital Information Management division, Konica Minolta

Focus on market research, orders, contracts, and transaction processes.

Explore how AI and other online tools help:

  • Quickly find the right supplier and implement the RFP process.
  • Digitize the processes of contracting, commenting, approving, and signing.
  • Simplify document circulation, archiving, and retrieval.
  • Facilitate project management of purchasing and contracts, and meet important deadlines.
  • Streamline transactional processes from purchase orders to payments to invoicing.

We can help you with:
Microsoft 365 & SharePoint for better productivity, communication and content management.
ABBYY FlexiCapture & FineReader for automatic document recognition.
M-Files for document management., Namirial eSignAnywhere for electronic signing.
Nintex Workflow/Automation Cloud for process automation.
Integration of DMS and ECM with ERP (SAP).

AI as the best team player #

Topic for: Jaromír Šponar, Microsoft Partnership Program Advisor for Konica Minolta Europe

Focus on success, goal achievement, and development with AI not only for procurement and contract management.


  • Why not be afraid of new technologies and how to start using them in a meaningful way
  • Exploding the myths around AI and Microsoft Copilot
  • What are the types of Microsoft Copilots and recommendations for corporate use
  • How AI and Microsoft Copilot tools make it easier to plan, automate, and complete tasks.
  • Practical examples of using AI for more than just purchasing and contract management, helping with tedious routine activities to save time, making work easier and faster
  • How to prepare to harness the full potential of AI in your business – data management, security, regulatory compliance, employee education
  • A glimpse into the future – AI in conjunction with hardware for management and frontline workers (e.g. sales, service, delivery, technicians)

We can help you with:
Copilot for Microsoft 365 – digital workplace, content management
Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – procurement and order management, CRM, ERP
Microsoft Power Platform – automating and streamlining processes using AI
Microsoft Security – tools and services for data security and protection with AI elements
Other Microsoft and Konica Minolta products powered by AI for development and innovation in your company (e.g. FORXAI, Mobotix, AIRe Link, Microsoft HoloLens).

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