Konica Minolta has joined a very close group of partners from around the world in the new prestigious “Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner” program


We have already confirmed our expertise in 5 of 6 possible key areas. We have also newly earned the Solution Partner designation for Azure business applications and infrastructure. Globally, this makes us one of Microsoft’s elite partners for cloud solutions.

“Thanks to the entire Konica Minolta team. This achievement demonstrates, among other things, our long-standing commitment to delivering outstanding technology projects to businesses and delivering them at the highest possible quality, thanks to the high expertise of our employees. The world of IT and technology is changing faster than any other industry and is constantly bringing new opportunities in digital transformation. The expertise is a clear prerequisite for our customers that we are ready to provide them with the best possible solutions to support their business”, explains Martin Pondělíček, Managing Director of Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech.

Konica Minolta is a leading supplier of Microsoft Cloud Solutions

The new Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP) program declares the deep specialization and competence of a Microsoft solution provider in the field. Achieving the CSP designation recognizes our extensive experience and expertise in implementing and managing Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Power Platform applications, providing services and consulting on Azure infrastructure and other related technologies.

Through our membership in this program, we also gain access to advanced resources, support, and training from Microsoft to provide our customers with targeted offerings, focused training, and development, but most importantly, a high level of expertise in implementing digital innovative solutions based on the exact needs of the client, their competitive advantages and the specifics of the industry in which they operate.

We have demonstrated technical knowledge, skills, and experience in the Microsoft Cloud environment in the following areas:

  • Business Applications 
  • Infrastructure Azure 
  • Data & AI (Azure) 
  • Digital & App Innovation (Azure) 
  • Modern Work 

Benefits of the CSP program for customers

Our customers are at the heart of everything Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech does. Everything we do is aimed at achieving their goals. The CSP program offers many benefits in this regard. 

The high level of expertise, education, and constant up-to-date information in the various areas of cloud solutions provided allows our clients to take advantage of all technological trends. Our specialists offer the most appropriate solution for a specific company or organization and for increasing its competitiveness. The following areas are key for us:

Customizing technology solutions to the client’s goals.

We assist companies and organizations daily basis with setting up optimal solutions for process management. We customize enterprise applications and look for ways to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. We follow the priorities and goals of our customers and take them into account in the implementation of IT solutions.

Access to the latest trends and technologies

As a Cloud Solution Partner, we work closely with Microsoft to ensure clients can access the latest tools, technologies, and information sources.

Personalized care in every situation

Every organization responds to the needs of its customers, as well as many other changing circumstances and market situations. As a CSP partner, we design scalable technology solutions for our clients so that they evolve in line with the business and are always able to adapt to the needs of the organization. We build IT projects for our customers so they are always one step ahead and prepared for all future challenges.

Expert support

Konica Minolta’s CSP partner team has certified professionals working for you. They support you whenever you need them. They take care of ROI and solution development.

Choose a strong and reliable CSP partner

Earning the Microsoft Partner Program designation proves that we have proven to be a reliable partner at a highly professional level across a wide range of projects with hundreds of clients. Our goal is to continue to strengthen and expand this position. We want to provide our customers with the best services and innovative solutions in the field of enterprise application development and security in the Microsoft Cloud. The goal of the entire Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech team remains to help clients develop, grow and succeed.

We provide companies with confidence and follow trends. Whether you are looking for ERP information systems, CRM, or any other directly tailored solution, we are here for you. With the power of Microsoft Cloud Solutions and our comprehensive range of services, we can help in many areas of business.

To learn more about how you can leverage the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner Program for your business, contact us. We’re ready to help you harness the power of the cloud to take your organization to the next level of technology.


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