Blueprint for success of your strategic project

Are you planning a large technological project? There is a good chance you will not succeed.

According to various estimates, 25% to 75% of large IT projects fail. The larger the project is, the higher the chance of failure. There are several reasons. 8 STEPS will help you to avoid them and succeed.

Based on our extensive experience with large ERP and CRM implementations we have developed this 20-day analysis and implementation planning program suitable for the initial phases of any strategic IT project. Its objective is to define precise project goals and activities, align project team and prepare a detailed plan in order to eliminate risks and avoid obstacles that often lead to standstill or failure of strategic projects.

8 STEPS Itinerary

We have perfected the process over many years of business consulting experience. It leads to your desired objective one step at a time.

1.Know how transfer

Methodology training to ensure that the data gathering, analysis and implementation procedures are clear to everyone involved

2.Impact Value Analysis

A workshop with key stakeholders aimed at properly define customer business goals and ICT requirements

3. 360º Assessment

Through individual interviews and reviews with employees, we define the current state of the existing processes, strengths, and weaknesses – technological, organizational and cultural.

4.Process analysis

Using the global standard BPMN 2.0 we document the status of relevant value chain, actual processes, and the current data flow.

5.Resources needed estimation

Describes the individual implementation phases in detail and estimates the resources, efforts and costs expected.


In this stage, we generate a strategy and a roadmap for the project. Then, in cooperation with the client, we build a general implementation plan.

7.PM training

The project team is a critical success factor. For this reason, we carry out extensive project management and methodology training in which all the essentials of the project are explained.

8.Documentation and planning

At the end of the 8- Steps, we hand over comprehensive documentation and a detailed, service provider-independent project and expense plan to our customers.


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8 STEPS Outcomes

Impact Value Analysis

First, we will determine the desired outcome of the project. We will also evaluate how these outcomes will affect the organization and what value they will generate.

Status quo – fit/gap analysis

We will compare status and capacities of the organization with the desired outcomes and determine the implementation and management requirements for the project.

Implementation plan

We will create a comprehensive project strategy and implementation plan. This plan covers the impact on the current organization, the effort needed and the estimated costs. The resulting material allows you to directly start the implementation with maximum confidence in success.



Benefits for stakeholders

8 STEPS brings various tangible benefits for key stakeholder roles

Project managers

Clear plan and proven methodology will increase chances of success and on-time / on-budget delivery. 

Business owners

Business needs and requirements mapped precisely to the project activities, allowing for informed prioritization. 

ICT managers

Clear view of technological requirements and impact on IT architecture. Elimination of dead ends, failed projects and unnecessary cost and resource allocation.

C-level executives

Clear value-added analysis and cost-benefits assessment, prioritization of project areas by their value.

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