Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech is part of the worldwide Konica Minolta Group. It focuses on corporate applications, digital transformations and so-called modern digital workplaces in the area of technology. The group has further confirmed its competence by being awarded the status of a Microsoft Managed Partner.

The group has more than 46,000 customers and employs over 1,600 IT service specialists. It currently ranks as one of the largest IT services providers according to Gartner’s Global Top 100 IT Vendors. Achieving the Microsoft Global Managed Partner status has also positively influenced the range of Konica Minolta services available in the Czech market. This enables customers to benefit from the Group’s complete unified global portfolio.

Transformation is at the core of our being.
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Our innnovation center

We have opened these centers in 5 countries around the world so they would become a space where it is possible to innovate.  Thanks to this Konica Minolta will be able to develop and grow its services for clients.  The task of our innovation centers is to grow closer to our customers and to thoroughly understand and meet their needs. 

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech is part of the global company of Konica Minolta. Therefore, it can offer its customers not only modern IT solutions, but also the services of other divisions of the company.

Digital office

Consulting and implementation activies, management of the digitization office

Professional printing

Innovative digital printing and printing solutions

Innovation in society

If you are looking for innovation support in your company, contact our business innovation center


In addition to IT technology, we offer advanced solutions for digital image processing

Measuing instruments

We help companies increase production quality

Industrial printing

Industrial printing based on contactless technology, which allows printing on almost any type of material and the creation of various effects

Optical solutions

Application of optical solutions in various industries


Innovative optical and digital planetariums developed by Konica Minolta

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