Dynamics 365 Sales release wave 1: Simplifying the things that matter


Selling isn’t easy. If you were to take five minutes to ask a salesperson what makes selling so challenging, you’d quickly find that you don’t have nearly enough time to cover it all.

One thing is constant for sellers—time is in short supply. In a day, sellers are managing leads, tracking performance metrics, and collaborating with team members scattered far and wide, while at the same, delivering a blend of digital and personalized experiences to customers throughout their journey. Consequently, sellers need their data to work for them and ensure they can focus on their highest priorities.

That’s why for the Dynamics 365 Sales 2022 release wave 1, we are focused on streamlining the seller experience by elevating collaboration tools even more and expanding intelligence capabilities so that every seller can make faster use of their data, reclaim their time, and be more productive with customers.

Our approach targets three areas to improve the sales team’s experiences and empower them to achieve even more than before:

  • Guide sellers with intelligence
  • Make collaboration even easier
  • Thrive with more productive tools

Source Article from: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/bdm/2022/05/18/dynamics-365-sales-release-wave-1-simplifying-the-things-that-matter/


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